SOUL OF TOHOKU Let us protect Tohoku Cuisine

Let Us Protect Tohoku Cuisine!

At a time like this, what can a cook do?
It is our duty, for all chefs and kitcheners throughout Japan, to unite and protect the cuisine of Tohoku.

At a time like this, what must Japan do?
It is our duty to provide our unending support for Tohoku’s beautiful nature, culture, and dietary environment.

What is the Soul of Tohoku Project?

A project to restore the dietary environment of Tohoku, and create a new future for the region

This Tohoku support project is sponsored by the Soul of Japan Foundation (hereinafter “Soul of Japan”).
Soul of Japan is a general incorporation foundation which promotes Japanese culture (such as dietary culture, crafts, industrial arts, and performing arts), both to encourage Japan’s future generation to carry on tradition, and to spread knowledge of Japanese culture worldwide. Our goal is to become an interface for introducing Japanese culture, whether within Japan or abroad, and introduce people of talent, products, and events, creating local branding throughout Japan and establishing an active global network centered on Japanese culture.

During the recent earthquake in the Tohoku region, harm befell many people, as well as local primary industries such as fishing and farming, and also the natural environment which is the foundation for primary industry. It is thought that it will take several years to restore community industry facilities such as farmland and fisheries. The Soul of Tohoku Project will collaborate with some of the nation’s best-known chefs as it aims to provide food for the people who have suffered from the disaster, and furthermore protect Tohoku cuisine through efforts such as supporting and collaborating with local restaurants, strengthening ties with primary industries, and developing new food products with food companies. We are dedicated to providing ongoing long-term support until the dietary environment of Tohoku recovers. The damage caused to the dietary environment affects not only Tohoku, but the entire nation of Japan. As we pray for certain recovery, we believe that now is the time for Japan’s chefs, cooks, and food service industry to unite in a genre-defying move to support Tohoku’s cuisine, environment, and culture. And, we truly hope that this project becomes a chance to create a new future for Tohoku.

I ask of you, chefs and kitcheners of Japan and around the world, all members of the food industry alike, to pledge your support to the “Soul of Tohoku: Let Us Protect Tohoku Cuisine” project, so that we may assist the Tohoku region for as long as it takes.

Soul of Tohoku - 2012 Project Plan


We want the people of Tohoku to enjoy delicious food!

A kitchen-equipped vehicle will tour Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate, with cooks taking turns to provide delicious food for the people of Tohoku. We will collaborate with local restaurants and chefs to create custom recipes, warming the hearts and souls of those suffering from the earthquake. This is what a cook can do, at a time like this!

Soul of Tohoku / Iwate Sanriku Food Industry Restoration Project Proposal

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